Unboxing and flight test Eachine FPV Boscam 5.8G 600mW 32CH Wireless Transmitter Receiver TS832 RC832

The Kit

In this video we can see the fpv kit

Video Transmitter and Receiver FPV

Eachine FPV Boscam 5.8G 600mW 32CH Wireless Transmitter Receiver TS832 RC832.

It’s composed by a TX 600mw and a RX 32 channels.

You can also buy them separately: Transmitter here and Receiver here

Both video receiver than video transmitter have 2 buttons to change frequency and a display to see used channel.

In the flight test I flaw for 400 meters without interferencies.
I didn’t go over 400 meters because I bought this kit for Fpv Racing, so I don’t need more distance. Anyway the kit can reach much greater distances. Use good antenna like this

Antenne Cloverleaf

Click on the image to see on Banggood Store


connessioni video transmitter receiver FPV

The Receiver has 2 AV out. You can connect them to your goggles and external monitor or DVR in the same time.

The connection of transmitter allows connection of FPV Cam with 3 pins cable. In the other two pins you can connect easly your power with jst connector.

Unboxing and Flight Test

In this video you can see the unboxing and first connection test.

After I tested the kit on multirotor with OSD to verify the distance and interferences.

I used a 640*480 DVR so what you see in the video is the real video received on ground.

incorporato da Embedded Video

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